Merchandising & Licensing

Our licensing offer is one of the most sought after in the market, thanks to the success of our two stars: Gaston Lagaffe and the Marsupilami.

Classics among comic books first, these heroes have become over the years, television and animation stars. They now operate on all the most prominent media (TV, Web, video games, social networks, etc.), to the delight of kids ... and adults too!

We grow their success and share this win-win relationship with our licensees to contribute to the popularity of their brands. Some partners trust us for over 20 years.

Beyond the quality of our characters and their sales impact, the Marsu BV team is known and recognized for the responsiveness and creativity it brings to its licensees on each of their projects.


Our characters

Gaston Lagaffe
The cool hero with ecological -and definitely modern- values
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The marsupilami
The ideal character to convey with peps healthy and ecological values!
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Our other characters
Worlds of quality with personality!
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