Publishing is the genuine know-how for Marsu Productions since 1987, with a primary focus on developing and enhancing the universes created by Franquin. This author has left a work of a richness and depth unmatched in the field of comics. Marsu Productions strives to live this legacy by the adventures of the characters created by the master.

Other authors, who distinguish themselves by their talent and finesse of their drawings (Batem, Walthéry, Wasterlain, etc.), have joined the Marsu publishing house.

Our editorial line is thus distinguished by our constant search for quality, both in our popular publications and in our collector editions.


Primarily intended for an expert audience, these collector editions are intended to honor the Franquin boards in exclusive and meaningful formats. Pioneers in this niche, the Original Versions display the finesse of Franquin’s drawings through giant boards (original size) or facsimile to better enjoy the genius of Franquin’s stroke.


Mass-market Publications

May it be to reveal the new adventures of Marsupilami or to discover a new side of the Gaston’s tricks, our public publications rely primarily on emotion.
Always a pioneer in the field, Marsu Productions launches in 2010 Houba! , the first mass-market comics collector: a remastered content (newly colored drawings, original size boxes, etc.) in a premium limited edition (Italian display, 64 pages and numbered) for a price close to a usual book.


Special Publications

With this desire to keep on innovating and expanding our audience, some partners help us develop our authors and characters through new formats, unusual or just different.
Thus Hachette published between 2004 and 2006 a collection of booklets and figurines "Inventions of Gaston" and the Marsupilami cartoon is novelized in the Bibliothèque Rose (kids targeted publishing) since 2006.


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