Gaston LagaffeThe cool hero with ecological and definitely modern values !

With over 300 licensed products, Gaston is one of the biggest successes in licensing of all genres (TV, comics, movies, etc.). Cool hero or anti-hero full of humor, everyone recognizes his commitment to humanism and its incredibly modern values.

Some key figures:

Legitimate and universal values, support for effective and targeted communications:

Some brands that have chosen Gaston: MLP, Alcara, Plastoy, Royer, Desobry, ...

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The Gaston Myth

An unbearable cop, a facetious cat, a very nervous boss: so many typical characters who make us think about Gaston everyday. This makes the creation of André Franquin a reference in our time.

Gaston precisely, is such a dream, probably because his own creator, Andre Franquin was such a hard worker, that he took up his pencils every day even after stopping any publication. This is exactly the point of view of our office boy, relentlessly working… at justifying his laziness.

Sleeping, for Gaston, is not a black hole, but a refined aesthetic. He dreams he is dreaming that dream to dream. He claimed that ten minutes of slumber makes an idea pop up,.. Sometimes sleeping, but never idle, Gaston deploys a wealth of initiatives not to do what is expected of him. Doing nothing, it's a job.

As we enter the era of working from home and leisure society, Gaston moved his home entertainment to his business address.

Soccer, skateboarding, Gaston did not shy away from exercise, but his sports favorites are chemical experiments and electronic assemblies. Nothing about remote controlling or miniaturization is foreign to him. Gaston has a vital function, inventing and an instinctive principle, ecology.

Working is peculiar to man, playing is the privilege of animals. So, if Gaston uses his office hours to accommodate, feed and protect his black-headed gull, cat, goldfish, turtles and mice, he does not forget to entertain his menagerie. Relaxation is a team effort that nobody there would miss. Idleness, the mother of all vices, becomes through Gaston the muse of arts.

In many ways, contemporary society was shocking Franquin. Unconsciously, he sent a Gaston to disturb us all that. These mounds of wasted contracts, this cannot totally be by accident…

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