Promotion & Events

Whether exposing the rich worlds of their authors or servicing their character to famous brands, Marsu BV is the ideal partner for your events and promotions.

Corporate Transactions

Many companies rely on our characters to emphasize the quality of their products or highlight their promotions.

Some brands that have chosen Marsu Prod : Quick, AXA, Kellogg’s, LCL, Croustipate, Electrolux...

Consumer Events

The exhibition « The World of Franquin » co-organized with Marsu Productions- was a huge success at both the Cité des Sciences in Paris in 2005 and the AutoWorld in Brussels in 2007: nearly half a million visitors have experienced this wonderful trip inside the world of Franquin through original drawings, giant figurines, interactive games, etc..

Also: the World Environment Day with the United Nations United Nations Environment Programme, the operation 30 Million Pet Friends, ADEME, etc.

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