The Marsupilami

Le marsupilamiWith over 500 licensed products, the Marsupilami is a smiling and leaping license, full of energy for the brands it supports.

Always witty and authentically green, he’s always willing -like no other license character- to defend a commitment to natural/organic items, environment-friendly products or initiatives for a greener world.

Some key figures:

True family and wholesome values, support for effective and targeted communications:

Some brands that have chosen the Marsupilami: César, Alain Afflelou, Benjamin, Lexibook, Stamp, ...

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A brief history of Marsupilami:

In 1952, the first appearance of the Marsupilami in the weekly Spirou marked a generation of readers. The myth did not need decades to settle permanently. Four years after its first appearance (1956)., Franquin designs the reference comic book: "Le Nid des Marsupilamis" (The Nest of the Marsupilamis).

As the adventures of "Spirou et Fantasio," go by, Franquin will place the divine animal in crazy situations to multiply his skills and make his readers crazy for him. It quickly becomes a character more popular than Spirou and Fantasio. When Franquin stopped "Spirou et Fantasio", he decides to keep the Marsupilami. He makes him appear in some Gaston sketches and makes him cohabit with the delicious “Little Noël”. He designed several pages of stories where the Marsupilami is the hero. Since its conception, Franquin has changed the physics and skills of the Marsupilami. When he eventually found a definitive version, he knows that the time has come for the Marsupilami to be the main hero of his own adventures.

In 1987, Marsu Productions, a publishing house dedicated to developing the work of Andre Franquin, launches the series Marsupilami. First Franquin supports Batem who benefits from his precious teaching. The cream of the writers (Greg, Yann, Mow, Kaminka, Dugomier) provides the series of scenarios with various topics.

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A shining star

Of course, the Marsupilami had the chance to be created by a genius, Andre Franquin, and to be designed by one of the most talented designers of his generation, Batem.

Of course, each new album of the series "Marsupilami" is a best seller in the “Livres Hebdo” ratings.

Of course, derivatives Marsupilami (Hasbro Studio Aventures Pixi ...) share the podium for a long time bestseller with "Tintin" and "Asterix". For example, Caesar sells hundreds of thousands of Marsupilami plush toys each year in France!

Of course, the cartoon of the Marsupilami is already a landmark in terms of audiences and international distribution.

But while the Marsupilami is certainly a classic, it is nonetheless promised to a bright future. And for good reasons: appreciated by all children for several generations, it brings together kids who love it and parents who are still fond of it. More than 50 years after its creation, it is always heading the news: a new album every year, new seasons of cartoons, live-action film projects and events, constantly renewed merchandising, etc..

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