The world of Franquin

Franquin is one of the giants of the twentieth century humor.

From his first "Spirou", he takes a brilliant look at the major trends of the post-war era through his never vulgar humor. At the heart of the Cold War, "The Dictator and the Mushroom” ridicules militarism. Fascinated by the discoveries of science, he knows, with Zorglub character, how to mock those who want to control Mother Nature.

"Modeste and Pompon," Gaston Lagaffe’s gentle ancestor, inaugurated the one-page gags and its subtle mechanics. This format will become a standard in mainstream comics. With Gaston, Franquin invents a character too innocent to be a hero. He became the precursor of all the anti-hero. In the marathon of history, many have gone out of fashion. Not Gaston.

The secret of his humor lies in the accuracy of tone. Long before the current ecological awareness, he deals with pollution (Gaston's car) and the killing of wildlife (hunting of whales, tarred gulls). At the end of gag, we smile, knowing that the matter is serious. It will be the same for human rights (dedicated Amnesty International board).

By convenience, Gaston was named "King of the gag”. Yet the big joke is absent. Feelings, humor and storytelling mix to weave a fine lace. When the economic crisis takes Europe, Franquin abandons color. Unlike Gaston, series to laugh and help thinking, Les Idées Noires ("The Black Ideas") grind the “coal of life”. As if to remind that we’d better smile at everything.

Brief chronology of his work and his characters:


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by Walthery

Good comic adventure is scarce. Let alone led by a sexy woman. Natacha fills this gap. For nearly 30 years, Francis Walthéry infuses charm and a grace unmatched in his stewardess stories.

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Desert, a motorcycle enthusiast since his youth, has given up everything for his comic strip and the adventures of his biker bumbler.

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